We are excited to announce our 4th year of climate action at Davos between 20-24 January 2020!

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We intend on setting up the Arctic Basecamp at the World Economic Forum (WEF), where we will launch our campaign on Climate Change and Global Risk. Arctic facts need to be shared again to world leaders, to ensure that they listen and urgently act on climate change.

The year 2020 marks an important point in time when we need to start bending the global CO2 emissions curve. It is an election year in the USA and the year that the current administration has promised to get out of the Paris Agreement of Climate Change. To avoid climate change reaching a point of no return, world leaders need to boldly make decisions that benefit the planet, especially the Arctic.

With all the support from the team, partners, sponsors and activists, we can help save the arctic! To help and enable us to achieve our goals, have a look at what we intend to do and let us bring the facts to the WEF!

“You’ve got scientists here that are clearly so committed that they are camping overnight in sub-zero temperatures to try and get their message across”

– Baroness Worthington, Environmental Defense Fund Europe, Member of House of Lords.

The Facts:

The Arctic has been described as the canary in the coalmine for the health of the global environment. It is a complex region that is experiencing unprecedented change.