What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic

Digital Campaign 2018

Global Climate Action Summit & New York Climate Week 2018

During September 2018, two global climate change summits took place in the United States:

Global Climate Action Summit
Sep 12-18 (2018) – San Francisco

New York Climate Week
Sep 24-30 (2018) – New York

Our aim was to ensure that Arctic science had a strong presence and remained a vital part of the narrative during these weeks.

It wasn’t possible for Arctic Basecamp to have a physical presence, but we wanted to ensure that Arctic science remained a vital part of the narrative during these weeks, especially as this period co-incides with low levels of Arctic sea-ice. So, we decided to run a digital campaign.

We worked with existing Arctic Basecamp scientists, and brought new scientific members of the team on board. We captured extensive video interviews with each of the scientists in the Arctic Basecamp Scientific Team, giving deeper insights into their areas of expertise.

This included live updates from Arctic expeditions, explorations of recently published research and overviews of changes they have witnessed in the Arctic through their professional experience.

The Arctic Basecamp digital campaign in September 2018 was made possible with the financial support of the Fort Foundation.

We also partnered with ArcticFocus.org who worked with our raw audio and video to produce compelling videos for circulation on social media.

Arctic Basecamp is sending a message in a bottle to the 2018 Global Climate Action Summit, that Arctic change is happening now, at unprecedented rates, and is the barometer of global risk. This is what Professor Gail Whiteman had to say about her research. 

One of the greatest risks facing our planet is the climate change that is happening in the arctic. It’s going to affect all of us, the way we live our lives and the global economy