What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic

Davos 2024

We pitched our tents outside the Schatzalp hotel in Davos
to Speak Science to Power for the seventh time.

Our Davos 2024 programme is available to view below. 

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Our aim to Speak Science to Power, is more relevant than ever as we head into a decisive year for climate action.

  • Launched Climate Risks Daily an AI-generated Global Climate Risk aggregator, which offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring & understanding global climate risks, developed in collaboration with Ode.
  • Supported the launch of the Climate Tipping Point Hub in the Global Collaboration Village, an immersive VR experience initiated by the World Economic Forum, in partnership with Accenture & Microsoft. We are thrilled to be one of the first Village partners and to have a VR event space to host discussions linking polar climate change to global risks.
    Invited as a speaker inside the official WEF Congress, participating in sessions such as Earth Decides: Cultivating Informed Optimism, New Apps for Climate Adaptation featuring Naoko Ishii, Laura Alber, Levent Cakiroglu, and Hiroaki Kitano and leading the WEF Open Forum session On Thin Ice: The Consequences of Climate Breakdown. 
  • Hosted four incredible youth ambassadors and Early Career Researchers, thanks to WWF UK, to bring the voices of the younger generation to
  • Hosted several events at our tent with University of Exeter Business School, We Are Family Foundation, SHE Changes Climate, Kite Insights and Salesforce (Davos Codes).
  • Showcased an Arctic VR Experience, developed and provided to us by Isla Myers Smith (The University of British Columbia), National Geographic Explorers Jeff Kerby and Martin Edström, senior Yukon park ranger Richard Gordon and Aurora Research Institute outreach coordinator Annika Trimble.
  • Along Davos Promenade, Climate Basecamp spoke Science to Culture, distributing bespoke “Chocolate is Endangered” bars & launching our campaign to bring awareness to the consequences of climate change on the food we love. Our concept was featured in WEF’s agenda, reaching guests at the WEF Centre for Nature and Climate gala dinner, including Jane Goodall, VP Al Gore & 2024 Crystal Award winner Nile Rodgers. 
  • Concluded with the inspiring “Performing Hope” concert, featuring cellist Nicolas Altstaedt and an incredible dance performance choreographed by Demis Volpi featuring ballet dancers Lara Delfino & Damian Torio. This launch aims to empower people to perform hope and take action in the face of the climate and nature crisis. 

You’ve got scientists here that are clearly so committed that they are camping overnight in sub-zero temperatures to try and get their message across

The Facts

The Arctic has been described as the canary in the coalmine for the health of the global environment. It is a complex region that is experiencing unprecedented change.