What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic

Davos 2020 Data

Live data from robots deployed in the Arctic and at Basecamp

Every year at Arctic Basecamp we showcase scientific sensors and observation systems used to observe and monitor the Polar Regions.

Technology, especially robotic technology, plays an ever increasing role in monitoring the Polar Regions, as these robots allow us to perform year-round measurements in some of the most inhospitable regions of our planet.

This year our focus is on sea ice. Did you know that scientific measurements have revealed that we have lost about half of the Summer Arctic sea ice since the early 1980s !

Inside our Basecamp main tent, you will be able to interact with the temperature sensor strings that are used for remotely measuring the temperature of atmosphere, snow, sea ice, and ocean – a proxy for sea ice thickness.

In front of the tent, we will have a robotic buoy (which we deploy on Arctic sea ice) that is used to monitor the atmosphere, sea ice, and ocean. All this important climate data is immediately broadcast to scientists and researchers via satellites.

Most recent Robot Selfie from Basecamp

How about taking a Robot Selfie? The robotic buoy at Basecamp will take a photo every 5 minutes. Look for the red light, strike a pose and find your image in the gallery below.

Below, you can also check current weather conditions in the Arctic, as measured by our Arctic robots presently deployed in the Central Arctic Ocean and at Basecamp.

Plots from Central Arctic Ocean and Basecamp