What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic

Davos 2020

January 2020 we set up the Arctic Basecamp at the World Economic Forum (WEF) once again.

Our fourth year at Davos brought many highlights including:

  • We were delighted to welcome US Emmy nominated actor, and climate activist, Rainn Wilson to camp with us for the duration of our stay in Davos. Rainn joined us at all our events and as well as being a spokesperson for climate change he also provided social media coverage to his millions of followers
  • Professor Gail Whiteman was invited into the main Congress Centre to present “What’s at Stake: The Arctic” and participate in a panel discussion alongside Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, Al Gore, Scott Minerd moderated by Elena Cherney (Wall Street Journal

"What's at stake in the Arctic is actually the future of humanity itself."
Professor Gail Whiteman
  • This year, for the first time, Arctic Basecamp brought an international youth climate delegation to Davos so their voices could be heard alongside our scientists, world leaders and other high-profile individuals. Arctic Basecamp hosted a team of young climate activists from Uganda, Brazil, Greenland, China, USA and UK to participate in conversations with climate scientists, and walk alongside Greta Thunberg in the #FridaysForTheFuture climate strike on the final day of the WEF annual meeting
  • UK entrepreneur, model and author Lily Cole also joined us in Davos, as well as supporting us at our events she also accompanied our youth delegates at the #FridaysForTheFuture march. Lily also hosted our Arctic Basecamp ‘nightcap’ and fundraisng silent auction in Chalet Schatzalp
  • Arctic Basecamp hosted the launch of Unite Behind the Science – a global campaign demanding that leaders take action in line with the irrefutable science on the climate emergency and what it will take to avert its worst impacts
  • We were privileged to host a live satellite link up to Polarstern scientists from their ship frozen into the Arctic Ocean. The 12 month mission, which started in September 2019, sees researchers from 16 nations aboard the icebreaker Polarstern drifting through the Arctic Ocean – trapped in ice

You’ve got scientists here that are clearly so committed that they are camping overnight in sub-zero temperatures to try and get their message across

Arctic Basecamp at Davos 2020 was made possible with the financial support of the Fort Foundation, X The Moonshot Factory, WWF, BNP Paribas and Novatug.

The year 2020 marks an important point in time when we need to start bending the global CO2 emissions curve. It is an election year in the USA and the year that the current administration has promised to get out of the Paris Agreement of Climate Change. To avoid climate change reaching a point of no return, world leaders need to boldly make decisions that benefit the planet, especially the Arctic.

With all the support from the team, partners, sponsors and activists, we can help save the arctic!

The Facts

The Arctic has been described as the canary in the coalmine for the health of the global environment. It is a complex region that is experiencing unprecedented change.