We wanted to put fresh, natural, unadulterated climate facts right under the noses of world leaders, COP26 delegates, climate deniers and reporters in Glasgow. This high profile campaign brings Arctic glacial meltwater right into the heart of COP 26.

We worked with a Greenlandic enterprise to collect Greenland glacial meltwater at source and worked with a Scottish bottling partner to bottle it into a ‘a single serving of alarming climate facts’. A Bottled Warning.

These bottles will be delivered to COP26 sites and made available at our Arctic Basecamp tent – we will also try and get a bottle to each world leader. 

Each limited edition bottle contains messages of risk and the advice not to waste these precious glaciers.


The Arctic is the poster child for the need to stay below the +1.5C emissions target, and it’s warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. Climate Research shows a strong and direct correlation with rising CO2 emissions and loss of Arctic ice. Science shows that the Arctic is the barometer of global risk — what happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay there. Research shows that rapid Arctic warming is linked to extreme weather farther south. Be it frigid cold spells, prolonged floods, persistent warmth, or long dry spells.

Greenland melt is a critical problem – the Greenland ice sheet alone would contribute 7.3 meters of global sea level rise if it were to melt completely. It is currently melting at a rate of 1.2 – 1.5mm per year. Greenland’s ice sheet is set to contribute between 30-60cm by the end of the century, but there is a growing consensus of scientists who think Greenland can contribute a meter. Quite a feat if you consider it was not contributing at all in the 1990s.

All of the data show that the Arctic is in crisis – this large system has entered an ‘unprecedented state’.

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Our campaign will be featured on billboards, rail, subway and pedestrian sites around Glasgow during COP26 – where will you see one?