What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic


have you spotted our badge?

Launched at Davos 2023 our limited edition badge houses a real Arctic temperature sensor . 

This super sensitive chip gives a rapid and accurate temperature reading of the air around you, or your own body temperature. 

Did you know the Arctic is the size of the United States, Canada and China combined. Yet we observe this with limited observation systems. This translates to one sensor for an area the same size as the state of West Virginia or Ireland.

We need more sensors in the Arctic to accurately measure the rapid changes happening in this control centre for global risks. 

We need more people to know about the need to monitor and observe this vital area of the planet – share on social media and come and play with our sensors at Arctic Basecamp outside the Hotel Schatzalp.  

Find out more about the global risks from Arctic change over on the Arctic Risk Platform

Want your own badge? We have a limited supply of badges available for a donation of CHF500.