What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic


Arctic Basecamp became officially registered as a Dutch Stichting (Foundation) in 2020 with the objective to encourage high level action and raise awareness of the global risk of Arctic change. 

Het bestuur van de stichting is onbezoldigd. De aangestelde directeur heeft een bruto jaarsalaris van € 40,000. 

Als er personeel in dienst komt van de stichting zullen de arbeidsvoorwaarden hier gepubliceerd worden. 

The board of the foundation is unpaid. The appointed director has a gross annual salary of € 40,000.

If staff are employed by the foundation, the terms of employment will be published here.

Name of the foundation:  Arctic Basecamp Foundation

RSIN number: 861127730

Contact details of the foundation: info@arcticbasecamp.org

Outline of the policy plan: Policy Plan of Activities (click to view)

Functions and names of the directors: Maurits Bruel (Treasurer), Julian Oggel (Board Member), Chairperson (incoming board member)

Reward Policy: Part-time Executive Director, reports to the Board and reviewed annually

Report of activities carried out: Posted after one year as a Stichting (March 2021)

Financial accounts: Posted after one year as a Stichting (March 2021)

Arctic Basecamp Foundation Board

Maurits Bruel

Maurits Bruel

Arctic Basecamp Foundation Treasurer

Maurits Bruel is a board member of Arctic Basecamp Foundation. He has been promoting responsible ownership, impact investing and governance in family business for several decades, as a consultant and board member. He is also known for his publications on a systems view of happiness, and for creating the executive program on this subject at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is a strong advocate for investing in clean energy and serves on the advisory board of the largest near-shore windfarm in the world. 

Julian Oggel

Arctic Basecamp Foundation Board Member

Julian Oggel is the CEO at Smits Holding and MD at Novatug in the Netherlands.